The authors grateful acknowledge the financial support from MSD Animal Health and to the European Association of Fish Pathologists for hosting this necropsy manual via their web site.  Thanks also goes to Marine Scotland Science (MSS) and the University of Comahue for allowing this project to proceed.  Special thanks go to Silvia Ortubay and Victor Alvarado who were involved many years ago during the first attempt to put a fish necropsy manual together.  The photographic images were largely taken by the authors, but where this is not the case we acknowledged the source alongside the relevant image.  Selected images were provided by Chris Williams (Environment Agency), Mar Marcos-Lopez (Fish Vet Group), Bart Gorgoglione (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna), Mark Patterson (MSS, Fish Veterinary Aquaria), Danny Pendrey (MSS, Planning and Policy), Gordon Henderson (MSS, Costal-Offshore Fisheries) and Sonia Duguid, Amanda Walker, Andrea Warwick, Jeanna Sandilands and Kimberly Lowe (MSS, Fish Health Inspectorate). Finally the construction of the web site, the IT advice and support was provided by Antu Nehuen Gortari and Graham Bruno and without their contribution and patience we could not have undertaken this project.